Documents required for borrowing


You take out a loan if you want to buy something of greater value and do not have enough cash. Depending on the type of loan you want to borrow, other requirements set by the bank and different documents are required for the transaction. We have now collected the documents needed to take out a loan.

Whatever you borrow, you’ll need the following documents:

Identity card (or passport, driving license); Address card; tax Card.Employer certificate (self-employed, in case of KATA, EVA NAV certificate and zero certificate for both company and individual; in case of pensioner pension voucher and pension certificate). Bank account statement (last 2-6 months) if you do not require a credit from the account keeping bank. Certificates of Existing Loans (Proof of Capital Debt)

Mortgage loan

Mortgage loan

You can also apply for real estate collateral for home use, for free use and for redemption. As it stands in its name, a loan is backed by real estate collateral. This serves as a guarantee to the bank in the event that the debtor, for whatever reason, does not pay the bank. Due to the inclusion of the property, mortgage loans have a better interest rate than other loans. The requirements of the banks towards the loan applicant, the interest rate and maturity of the loan may be different.

For sure, you’ll need the following documents:

Property Sheet (This is usually charged to you by the bank). Floor plan (enough hand-drawn). Real estate and / or life insurance (also known as credit insurance) policy (if you have one, you can do it later, you will need it to pay off the loan)

Purchase agreement received by the Land Registry. Application for land registration received by the Land Registry.Escrow Agreement by Lawyer (The 3 documents above are only required for real estate loans).

Construction loan

Construction loan

Not all banks can apply for this type of loan. A construction loan is a type of home loan designed to get you to the property before it becomes final use. The coverage may vary from one financial institution to another. There are some banks that accept the real estate under construction as collateral, some that do not. In this case, an additional property of appropriate value must be provided which can be included in the transaction as collateral.

The following documents are required for borrowing:

Property Sheet (This is usually charged to you by the bank). Map coupon (usually charged by the bank for a fee). Real estate and / or life insurance (also known as credit insurance) policy (s). Legal Building Permit uploaded to the EGD (Abbreviation for the Electronic Documentation System to Support Construction Authority Licensing Procedures. Service of the Hungarian e-Government that enables electronic planning and electronic case management in building authority licensing procedures.


When It’s Time to Redeem Your Credit

Many people repay their loans honestly and with great difficulty, and at the same time think that no other solution can be found. And the way out is, and it’s called a redemption. There are situations when you should not delay switching to another loan.


These are worth getting rid of

These are worth getting rid of

If not handled precisely and with great self-restraint, there is a financial product that can easily ‘get away’. Your credit card can generate large debts within a relatively short period of time if you do not meet your credit line delivery deadlines. The reason is the relatively high interest rate, which can be as high as 35% if we do not repay the time we spent. So it might be worth switching your credit card.

Especially when it comes to redeeming a loan,

  • if your credit card line has not been used up, but you are accruing more and more debt from month to month.

Overdraft is also a type of loan that can make serious debt. Then it’s worth switching over

  • if the limit is a multiple of our monthly revenue and we are using it more and more.

This means that if we get into this situation, we will not be able to catch up with our real payment.

A personal loan can be better controlled, but there are some who are also having trouble paying. It is worth looking for a new loan

  • if you simply have too many monthly repayments.


Redemption is easy

credit redemption

We may have been a little cautious when we took out the loan because, for example, we were only looking at the repayment period or focusing only on APR. As new banking products are constantly on the market, we will surely find a better deal. There are banks that offer redemption loans at a more favorable APR, so you can convert a 30-40 percent APR credit card to a 10 percent APR loan.

It is not worth getting into the bad debtor category either, because it puts you on the black list of banks. Even if we manage to pay off our debt, we may have to go through the process of getting it removed from the KHR list.

5 Tips for Using a Credit Card for Beginner Users

Many people are afraid to use credit cards, because of scary stories. Some of them suddenly sank into debt, were billed by debt collectors and others. On the other hand there are also people who can get discounts, special offers etc. for using it. Actually the main problem is not the card, but the way people use it. Have you used it correctly?

If you have good financial knowledge, you can of course use a credit card in smart ways. At least you will not sink into the sea of ​​debt. Remember credit cards are one of the consumptive loans with high interest rates. So use it in the right way.

Financial literacy people have the ability to manage finances properly, one of which is managing credit. Managing Director of the comparison site of the most popular financial product in Indonesia, Jai Breekman, stated that management of personal financial management can also be assisted with the use of credit cards.

“Credit cards not only function as a means of payment for alternative cash and debit cards. If you are more financially literate and careful, credit cards are really very helpful in daily financial management. “


How do you use credit cards smartly?

Take advantage of Credit Card Transaction Reports

Take advantage of Credit Card Transaction Reports

You will definitely get a credit card monthly transaction report. For those of you who are lazy to record finance, these bills can be used as a tool for your financial control. Even though it’s not the right way to do it, but credit card transaction reports help a lot. This method is not 100% right, because you cannot control your finances in real time , because the billing statement is sent once a month.


Take advantage of Discounts, Promos and Ease with a Credit Card

5 Choose a Credit Card According to Your Needs

Use it to get discounts (discounts), promos and certain conveniences. If you notice there are lots of discounts and promos offered. It’s actually okay to use a credit card to get a discount or a promo, provided you buy the items that you really need. Don’t let you buy things that you really don’t need, just because of a promo.


Take advantage of the Installment Feature (Terms of Conditions Apply)

Payment by credit card, makes it easy to purchase items with installments or installments . In financial planning, a benchmark for someone’s repayments is known. A person’s maximum installment is 30% of income. If someone earns IDR 10,000,000 per month, then the maximum installment is IDR 3,000,000.

Make sure you repay the items that you need and choose a favorable installment period. For example, do not repay a smartphone more than 12 months, because the price of a smartphone must have dropped.


4 Pay Recurring Transactions

Pay Recurring Transactions

Each family would have its expenses recurrent expenditure (recurring expense) to be paid every month, for example: money magazine subscriptions, electricity, tv dues paid, gym and other dues. Instead of having to pay a fine for late payment, use the payment feature using a credit card. This feature will certainly make it easier for you to manage your monthly finances.


Choose a Credit Card According to Your Needs

Have you ever seen someone who has more than 2 credit cards? Not everyone has the ability to manage it, more than 2 pieces. The government also provides limits, a maximum of 2 cards for people who have income below Rp. 10 million.

Choose one that does provide many benefits for you, for example you need a credit card that provides discounts for monthly shopping and additional benefits when traveling ( traveling ). You can balance cards that provide discounts at places you shop and credit cards with the benefits of airmiles .


Get the Benefits of a Credit Card, Avoid Paying the Interest

Get the Benefits of a Credit Card, Avoid Paying the Interest

The cost that needs to be spent by someone using a credit card is the annual fee. These costs can actually be freed ( waive ), with certain conditions. There are some that free annual fees if you reach a minimum transaction. You don’t need to pay interest, if you always pay off your credit card month bills. Healthy behavior in spending credit cards will help your finances. Good luck.