We must look outside the UK for our way to independence

I was worried to read in the Sunday National the low to which the Conservative Party would stoop to interfere with the rights of Scots to determine their own future. This is not the first time that a government has issued warnings. The Scottish Act 1978 was not implemented because the Labor government decreed that 40% of the total registered electorate in Scotland, rather than a simple majority, must vote in favor of the establishment of an assembly Scottish. At least that caveat was quantifiable, albeit reprehensible.

Neither the Scottish independence referendum in 2014 nor the EU referendum in 2016 had any caveats.

The evidence that the UK government agrees to a second independence referendum – that support for Yes is expected to be 60% for a year under Liz Truss’ plan – is less quantifiable, since the collection of polling intentions, usually with computer algorithms and directed questions, seeks to provide a snapshot of opinion on a particular day.

It would be qualitative at best and not enough evidence to support a legal claim. The rights of Scots to seek self-determination are under severe strain. It would appear that the perceived feudal and territorial rights of a minority supersede the rights of Scots to determine their own future. The Conservatives know how much our lands, our coastal waters and our exports are a resource that they continue to exploit to the detriment of these resources and the people who work in these industries. They will do everything they can to prevent us from rightfully claiming it.

Self-determination is a fundamental right of people seeking to secede from “superior states”, eg colonial powers, and is protected by a number of UN resolutions and powers. Although we are not a colony, we are treated as such and plundered for our resources to enrich the Tories and their cronies while leaving many Scots in poverty, preventing Holyrood from doing anything about it.

It is time for Scots to seek our rights through the ballot box without recourse to the UK government and use international human rights law as the basis for our claims.

The UN and the International Court of Justice do not consider self-determination as contrary to territorial rights.

We must challenge the British government in every way possible to hold a referendum and win our fundamental right to self-determination. We need to look beyond the flawed UK legal system where we have international human rights support and become a country in our own right.

Carol Wood

by email

The Tories’ anti-democratic idea that 50% of the electorate (including some of the dead) should vote Yes to bring about independence begs the question – what about the remaining 50%? Wouldn’t it also be valid that 50% must vote for the Union in order to keep it?

Robert Fraser


“It’s easier to defraud people than to convince them they’ve been defrauded.” Mark Twain’s Beard is an apt analysis of the lazy and ridiculous propaganda system of British Unionism.

What this ideology represents is the right of Unionists to line their pockets and nominate cronies. They have an exaggerated sense of entitlement and privilege.

The modus operandi of the unionists is to use the institutions of the British state for their personal gain. The need to lie about it and the system has constantly prepared the seeds of its own destruction.

Rising energy prices are expected to destroy half of all small businesses. The owners of these businesses have turned to the Conservatives to deal with them. This is no longer the case. Conservative Unionists deliberately seek to put large numbers of the middle class into penury.

Unionists who support the Conservatives are about to learn a hard lesson about the nature of “free market” ideology.

Today, an elderly monarch who has never been subject to any democratic accountability will invite a woman chosen by no one in Scotland to rule. Truss was anointed by mostly elderly racist fascist conservatives in the south.

This farce is what passes for “democracy” in Scotland. Unionists absurdly claim that Scotland is not a colony. The best weapon available to the imperialist is the mind of the colonized. Until this is rectified, independence will remain a chimera.

Alan Hinnrichs


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Thus, Liz Truss will “get off to a fast start”, and her “bold plan will grow our economy and provide higher wages, more security for families and world-class public services”. Great! And she “will do it by cutting taxes”…etc.

I’m no economist, but I don’t see how “world-class public services” can be provided without decent levels of taxation. Tax rates in many “happier” countries in 2021 were Norway at 38.2% (even with its vast sovereign oil fund), Denmark at 55.9%, Sweden at 57.2% and Finland, winner for five consecutive years of the happiest people in the world. , 42.7%.

What is common to all these countries? None of them is a nuclear power and all enjoy free education throughout their lives. Infrastructure projects are delivered, unlike our sad story of funds wasted on the Garden Bridge, the Northern Ireland/Scotland 20km sea link (excuse me while I laugh) and HS2 – which has been reduced to exclude Leeds and anything further north.

Denmark and Sweden share the Oresund Bridge, which carries road and rail traffic 16 km above and below the Baltic via an underground section built from an artificial island. I could go on and on, but for anyone expecting the deluded Truss to “hit the ground”, they’re more likely to see her from behind as she flees from the magnitude of the problems her “great nation” is facing. confronted.

Paul Gillon


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