Underground house in Kansas missile silo launches rockets into market


If you’re a modern history buff, or even just someone who wants to take social distancing to a whole new level, an underground house inside a Kansas missile silo listed at 2.07 million Australian dollars could be the object of your Cold War relics dreams.

According to Chicago Tribune, the Cold War-era base set on 13 hectares of land – and protected by a 2.4-meter-high fence – was built as an Atlas E missile structure in the early 1950s in response to the threat of nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

An aerial view of the site. Photo: Realtor.com

Built to withstand bomb blasts, the silo is made of epoxy resin-based concrete and heavy rebar.

Bases like these were short lived in the United States. This particular complex was operated by the Air Force in the early 1960s, but the structure was decommissioned in 1965 in favor of newer technology.

The driveway leading to the property is 800 meters long. Photo: Realtor.com

The current owners bought the property in the early 1980s and, despite its deplorable and long-term vacancy, decided to turn it into a home they could live in.

After the purchase, they had to drain the space because parts of the bunker were filled to 2.5 meters with water.

“It took 22 hours for a powerful water pump to drain over a million gallons of liquid below the Earth’s surface. It then took 80 wheelbarrow trips to clean the space of ‘mud and grime’ ”, the Tribune writing.

Accommodation in the underground lair, where the owners lived for three decades. Photo: Realtor.com

After the area was cleared, the owners were able to build their underground lair, which they called Subterra Castle, and they lived there for the next three decades.

The property has been featured on several TV channels. It includes a house on several levels, a workshop and an event center.

A spiral staircase leads down to the underground living room, which contains a stage, a large room, two kitchens, a dining room, four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

An underground kitchen. Photo: Realtor.com

“The 47-ton blast door leads to the site that housed the missile, which now serves as a workshop,” Tribune said. “An underground tunnel connects the workshop to the living quarters.

There is no air conditioning, but the walls and ceilings are 45 centimeters thick and the floors 90 centimeters thick.

There is also no natural light. And no mobile phone service.

However, the one-bedroom residence above ground gets plenty of sun and, before the pandemic, was occupied as a popular Airbnb.

If living without natural light and without cell phone reception is not your problem, the one bedroom above ground home is a sunny alternative, resplendent with windows. Photo: Realtor.com

The complex itself is accessed via an 800-meter-long driveway and includes, along with the underground and overhead living quarters, two watchtowers designed as castle turrets, a guardian’s cabin, a stone circle. the Stonehenge with a pit fire used for outdoor events, a grass airstrip and a passive solar greenhouse with a hot tub.

The underground house inside a Kansas missile silo listed for A $ 2.07 million. Photo: Realtor.com

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