Ufesa 10L dehumidifier tested and reviewed

The Ufesa compact dehumidifier is a popular model across Europe, we put it to the test

Ufesa 10L dehumidifier

A compact and lightweight model, the Ufesa 10L dehumidifier will fit into small spaces and will easily fit on countertops.

The supplied tube will allow you to let this unit drain into a sink or other drain. This compressor is pretty quiet, but in a small space you will hear it working.

Its efficiency is comparable to that of most other compressor dehumidifiers and after a day of operation the humidity is noticeably reduced. It lacks the sophistication of some more expensive models, but it gets the job done. It also has a laundry setting that runs the unit on full, but it dried things quite well when washed and hung to dry nearby.

This Ufesa dehumidifier has been tested for 2 years in a very humid environment in a boat based in the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic and has worked well. Although it would be difficult if the ambient temperature drops below 5°C, additional heating may be required if used in a cooler climate. Otherwise, as with all compressor dehumidifiers, you will lose efficiency due to the defrost mode.

Small casters are both a blessing and a curse. To keep this safe on the counter, I had to hoist it on books to keep it from rolling when the boat tips over in bad weather on its berth. Wish it came with rubber feet that could be inserted where the casters go. sometimes you don’t want a unit to roll too easily.

Like all dehumidifiers, they draw in air through a filter. Some dehumidifiers are hard to clean and some are easy. This one is really easy. Simply slide out the water tray and lower the filter.

It’s really important to keep on top of cleaning the filter as leaving it clogged will significantly reduce the efficiency of your unit and in some tragic cases with other dehumidifier models, the buildup of lint can lead to a fire hazard.

You should not leave a dehumidifier running for long periods unattended.

The filter is a fine woven plastic mesh. This is easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner using a brush attachment.

The filter slides on easily and snaps back into place reassuringly. Put the water collection drawer back in place and the appliance is ready to operate again.


power consumption: 200 W

noise: 40dB

weight: 10kg

Dimensions: 296mm x 416mm x 217mm (W x H x D)

type: compressor

Price: £154

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