These are all models in BMW’s 2022 SUV lineup

During the last century, BMW has evolved from a manufacturer of aircraft engines to one of the most recognizable automotive brands. Chances are you’ll spot a Beamer zipping through highways and streets across every corner of the globe you visit. Until the turn of the century, the Bavarian automaker built incredible roadsters, grand tourers, sports cars, luxury sedans and motorcycles. In 1999 they introduced their first luxury SUV, the BMW X5. It was way ahead of the crowd before Porsche brought the Cayenne, and every automaker was scrambling to get a share of the booming SUV market.

The SUV segment has seen more growth over the past two decades than any other segment in the automotive world. There are no less than five sub-segments, including mini-SUVs, compacts, midsizes, full-sizes and longs. Naturally, BMW expanded their SUV lineup with a series of X-series SUVs to complement the original X5, which helped them expand their network across all SUV niches. Here are all the models in BMW’s 2022 SUV lineup.

8/8 BMW X1 2022

BMW introduced the X1 subcompact luxury crossover in 2009 based on the E90 3 series. It is the entry level family member, but it remains one of the roomiest and most practical in its class . But it’s not as small as it used to be as it now sits on the old footprints of the X3, which translates into more cabin space. It comes with two rows of seating five

Under the hood, the $38,600 BMW X1 offers gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid and all-electric powertrain options. A new 241 hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine joins the lineup for the 2023 model year.

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7/8 BMW X2 2022

Next in line is the BMW X2, which shares a platform with the X2, but with a shorter wheelbase. It comes in a low position with less practicality than the X1, thanks to the sloping roof that cuts off passenger and cargo space. Yet it’s sleeker with an eye-catching look and sportier with precise handling for a fun ride.

Its lively handling and low fuel consumption put it near the top of the subcompact crossover category. But the sporty suspension makes the ride stiff, and occupants feel every imperfection on rough roads.

6/8 BMW X3 2022

The BMW X3 is the best indication that times at the Bavarian automaker have changed. Sports sedans carried the soul of the brand, but that seems to have transferred to practical people carriers. The $48,050 BMW X3 channels the good thrills of the 3 Series sedans, offering classic BMW driving engagement with the added benefit of practicality.

BMW offers two powerful turbocharged powertrain options; a 2-liter four-cylinder developing 248 hp and a 3-liter straight-six delivering a brutal 382 hp and a sprint from zero to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. But, for 2022, the X3 comes with an aging but roomy and comfortable cabin design.

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5/8 BMW X4 2022

Starting at $53,400, the luxury compact crossover, the BMW X4, is practically a coupe version of the X3. It offers athletic handling, spirited acceleration and a sophisticated interior, giving the X3 an age-old feel. But the sloping roof compromises the available cargo space. It features a chic silhouette for those who prefer style over practicality.

It feels very sporty and nimble for an SUV, and that approach translates to a firm ride over rough pavement, though the overall ride quality is easygoing.

4/8 BMW X5 2022

The BMW X5 is the OG of the range, having started BMW’s love affair with SUVs. It has a wide range of powerful powertrains, from the smooth-running 335 hp turbocharged inline-six to the 523 hp twin-turbo V8. There’s also a plug-in hybrid offering up to 30 miles of electric driving. All options offer impressive performance, but the X5 is more luxurious than sporty.

It’s not a cheap ride starting at $61,600, but it’s the price you pay for advanced engineering, impressive design and intuitive infotainment software. Inside, the cabin feels as upscale as you’ll get from any luxury rival and feels like money well spent. Plus, the top-of-the-line V8 is quite expensive.

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3/8 BMW X6 2022

The BMW X6 is a perfect option for those who might find the X5 bland and don’t mind the loss of practicality. It follows naming nomenclature where the even number represents a sporty version of the vehicle before it. Under the hood are the same powertrains found in the X5, but with sportier handling. Plus, an optional X6 M performance package boosts the V8’s horsepower to 617 ponies.

The cabin is chic, stylish and functional, although the sloping roof sacrifices some headroom and storage space. Plus, it’s more expensive than the X5, with a hefty base price starting at $70,100.

2/8 BMW X7 2022

BMW introduced the BMW X7 in 2018 as its full-size SUV offering. Although it is the largest member of the family, it has been acclaimed for its limo experience and is considered one of the best luxury SUVs on the market. The cabin is as quiet as a bookcase, providing a smooth ride driven by powerful engine options.

The top-of-the-line Alpina XB7 model comes with a ridiculous performance from the 612 hp engine, helping to unleash the full potential of the luxury SUV. But thanks to its size, it doesn’t spin as confidently as its smaller, sportier siblings. The base model starts at $77,850.

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1/8 2022 BMW iX

Times are changing and the iX proves that BMW is not a brand to be left behind. It’s their first all-electric SUV and something to admire. It’s comparable to the X5 in size and comes with acres of cabin, comfort, incredible efficiency and nimble handling unimaginable for an SUV behemoth. It runs on two electric motors, which provide 516hp in the base xDrive50 model and 610hp in the M60.

A massive 105.2kWh battery delivers up to 324 miles of range, which should cure any range anxiety. Plus, you get a full set of luxury features and driver aids. It’s the most expensive member of the BMW SUV family, starting at $84,100.

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