The bodies of the Austrian victims of the train accident will soon be repatriated; surviving family members return home

Okaz/Saudi Official Gazette

JEDDAH The Saudi Embassy in Vienna said procedures were underway, in cooperation with Austrian authorities, to repatriate the bodies of the Saudi citizen and his 4-year-old son, who were killed in a horrific train crash in Austria on Wednesday, in the Kingdom as soon as possible.

The embassy said it managed to secure the return of the surviving family members to the Kingdom on board the Saudi Arabian Airlines flight which reached Riyadh from Vienna on Friday.

The Saudi Ambassador to Austria, Prince Abdullah bin Khalid bin Sultan, offered his condolences to the family members of the deceased. He prayed to Almighty God to grant the victims his vast mercy and welcome them into his paradise, as well as to give courage and patience to the bereaved family members to bear the tragic loss.

The 35-year-old Saudi citizen had tragically died while on vacation with his family in Austria. The citizen and his son were killed after saving his wife and two children when a high-speed train collided with his car which got stuck on the track as he tried to cross at a level crossing in the town of St. Johann in the Tyrol region.

The embassy said in a statement that it received information about the accident involving a Saudi family of five on Wednesday evening. The Embassy immediately assigned a team to uncover the circumstances leading up to the accident with the Austrian authorities as well as to support the surviving family members in their hour of distress.

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