Patrick Sabberton, music teacher at Colchester, is repatriated

A MUSIC teacher who suffered a devastating stroke in China has been brought back to Colchester after a monumental battle led by his family.

Tests revealed the 43-year-old, who is a musician and teaches violin at a UK international school, had suffered a hemorrhagic stroke.

Catastrophic disease occurs when blood from an artery suddenly begins to bleed into the brain.

But unexpectedly, after battling pneumonia in intensive care for several months, Mr Sabberton was deemed stable enough to be flown back to England.

Home - Musician Patrick Sabberton was repatriated after suffering a stroke in JanuaryMusic teacher – Patrick Sabberton

The former Alderman Blaxill School pupil is now in Colchester Hospital where he is ‘well cared for’, his sister Claire told the Gazette.

This is despite a series of obstacles disrupting the process, including Covid restrictions, landing permits and most importantly a typhoon preventing the plane from taking off.

A fundraiser started by his family saw £90,000 in donations pour in, before an anonymous donor stepped in to funnel the rest of the money.

The music teacher’s sister said it was an “incredible relief” when she found out her brother was finally on a plane.

The 34-year-old added that it was a ‘very difficult, extremely difficult process’ to bring Mr Sabberton home.

The family had been unable to visit him due to strict lockdown rules in place while he was treated in China.

Home - Musician Patrick Sabberton was repatriated after suffering a stroke in JanuaryViolin – Mr. Sabberton taught music in Shanghai, China

“He’s stable and obviously he still has a long way to go, but he’s settled in very well,” she said.

“After being apart from Patrick for so long, it’s great that we’ve been able to see him and be around him now.”

Claire said it was a “shock again” when she found her brother and saw his condition.

She added: “But we were so happy to see him, it was an incredible relief after such a great journey.

“The staff at Colchester Hospital have been wonderful and we believe they are in the best place at this time.”

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