New Zealand Eating Disorders Study Finds Heavy Financial Toll on Families | 1 NEWS

The huge financial toll of supporting a family member through an eating disorder has been revealed in a new study.

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Some are forced to take out loans, sell cars and even remortgage their homes. Source: 1 NEWS

Nicki Wilson, president of the Eating Disorders Association, said some were forced to take loans, sell cars or quit their jobs to support someone at home.

“Families are really upset by the illness of their loved one. It is really very painful for the individual and the family, ”she said.

The study also found that 75 percent of caregivers said their productivity had more than halved, and 30 percent took an average of 46 sick days a year. Twenty-nine percent also paid for private care, which can cost up to $ 10,000.

University of Otago associate professor Jenny Jordan said that because nutrition is the main part of treating people with eating disorders, parents should be present at every meal of their child.

“It can take years,” Jordan said.

She calls on the government to do more.

“We must also recognize the additional costs they generate. “

A spokesperson for the Department of Health said in a statement that most DHBs offer travel and accommodation assistance for family members when someone needs to be out of their area for treatment.

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