LG VK Saxena Approves Filing of SC Review Motion Against Acquittal of Accused in Chhawla Rape-Murder Case

JTwo days after the body of a young woman was found wrapped in a polythene bag and stuffed into a red suitcase along the Yamuna highway, Mathura police have identified the deceased. The deceased’s brother and mother identified the body, police said, adding that they resided in Badarpur, Delhi. Police had sent teams to neighboring UP districts and were reviewing CCTV footage and call recordings. Posters were also put up and the case was widely publicized on social media.

Almost two months after Delhi police solved the case of the theft of a jewelry consignment worth Rs 4-6 crore and nabbed four men involved in the crime, the owner of the courier company handling the shipment went to court alleging that a senior officer was not handing over the recovered items. On August 31, two executives of a courier company were attacked in Paharganj, central Delhi, by four miscreants who threw chilli powder in their eyes and ran off with their consignment. The complainants were carrying two bags and a box filled with diamond, gold and silver jewelry. Police said the defendants posed as police officers and arrested them on the pretext of frisking them. Almost 24 hours after the incident, the police arrested the accused in Jaipur.

Kejriwal led a “jan samvad” in Paharganj on Sunday morning. In his address, he said he was confident that the Aam Aadmi party would take control of Delhi Municipality and that “it’s just a matter of the number of seats”.

“There is going to be an AAP government in the MCD. It’s just a question of the number of seats… We want 230 out of 250. We have the Delhi government, we are going to form the MCD government. So we will work for Delhi. If you, even by mistake, make a BJP candidate from your locality, all the work will stop there. Because they will fight with us, make dharnas against me… Do you want this for the next five years? Do you want work to be done? Toh upar bhi humaari sarkaar hai, neeche bhi humaari sarkaar hai. Kaam toh Kejriwal hi karega,” he said, adding, “Don’t vote for those who stop working, vote for those who work.”

Meanwhile, BJP’s JP Nadda said people talking about schools are now steeped in corruption and involved in an alcohol scam. He said so during an MCD campaign rally in Sangam Vihar and asked voters to “teach the Delhi government a lesson”.

Nadda spoke about AAP’s ‘scams’ and ‘corruption’, pointing to excise policy, a video of AAP Minister Satyendar Jain receiving a ‘massage’ in Tihar prison, and his inability to treat garbage despite receiving funds from the Centre.

“The victory (of BJP) will not be a victory for the candidates, but a victory for the rights of the citizens. Dilli sarkar, jou upar se neeche tak bhrashtachar mein doobi hui hain… he tried to strangle even the municipal corporation and do injustice to the people of delhi. The chance to teach these people a lesson comes in elections,” Nadda said.

In other updates: the search continues in Delhi and Gurgaon to find the remains of Shraddha Walkar, who was killed and his body cut up in several pieces allegedly by her resident partner Aaftab Poonawala, Delhi police recovered bones, one of which appears to be part of a skull, from different forest areas on Sunday. The same will be sent for forensic examination to verify if they are human, police said.

Police are also pumping water from a lake in Maidangarhi as it is suspected that Poonawala dumped body parts there.

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