Government to repatriate foreign prisoners languishing in jails


The Ministry of the Interior is drawing up a comprehensive plan for the repatriation of foreign prisoners who are languishing in the country’s prisons after serving their sentences.

A team led by Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has compiled detailed recommendations for the records, facilities and return of these foreign prisoners under the direction of the Federal Review Board (FRB).

“Effective contacts will be made with foreign countries for the repatriation of foreign prisoners who have served their sentences,” sources said.

Meanwhile, mentally ill inmates will be transferred to foster homes in the first phase. These prisoners will be treated at the Punjab Institute of Mental Health (PIMH).

“This decision will also benefit a prisoner in India who can speak and hear,” sources shared. Similarly, NADRA issued Alien Registration Cards (ARC) for 20 foreign prisoners, including 4 Indians, which were generated after obtaining biometric data.

Likewise, the Minister will seek the assistance of provincial institutions and NGOs for the safe accommodation and rehabilitation of foreign detainees.

Among the many detainees who will be able to benefit from these measures will be 11 Bangladeshis and a few others from the United Arab Emirates, Tanzania and Myanmar.

According to data available with the Express Tribune, a total of 103 foreigners are currently being held in 21 different prisons across Punjab, of whom 52 are facing extradition, 17 are serving their sentences while 34 are awaiting repatriation after serving their sentences. sadness.

Their crimes range from minor issues such as overstaying visas to serious offenses such as espionage and heinous crimes such as spreading terrorism. The 103 are nationals of several countries, namely Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma, China, Czech Republic, Dominica, India, Iran, Nigeria, Tanzania, Tunisia, Emirates Arab States, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

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