First in ten repatriation flights from Morocco lands at Schiphol

Transavia airline’s first repatriation flight with stranded travelers in Morocco landed at Schiphol at 1.30am on Saturday. About a hundred deceived travelers were on board the plane, according to a spokesperson.

Morocco on Thursday banned all flights to and from the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

Moroccan authorities feared that the growing number of infections in those countries could spread to Morocco. Transavia received Friday authorization from Morocco to carry out ten repatriation flights. Nine additional flights to the Netherlands were scheduled between Saturday and October 29.

Last week around 3,500 people traveled to Morocco with Transavia. Uncertainty reigns over the next steps for Dutch travelers since the announcement of the flight ban. Transavia, for example, waited for days for authorization to pick up stranded passengers.

Transavia recently warned that ten flights are unlikely to be enough to bring back all those who wish to return to the Netherlands. On Friday evening, a flight from Morocco also landed in Brussels with 78 Dutch on board.

They are brought to the Netherlands by bus from the Belgian capital. The returnees had traveled to Morocco through the TUI travel agency.

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