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What if you didn’t have to wait for European and American museums to repatriate African artifacts? Reflecting on this question, Chidi Nwaubani, the founder of the NFT Looty project, decided to take matters into his own hands with his Looty project, which bills itself as a “digital rendition project”.

“Our ‘looters’ [anonymous team members] go to museums (physically) and collect the works (digitally),” reads a description on its website. To do this, the people behind the project digitize the works and create digital renderings which are then transformed into NFTs.

The Benin Bronzes, a group of thousands of artefacts looted from the Kingdom of Benin in 1897 by British troops, have recently been repatriated to museums in Europe and the United States. Six NFTs based on some of them are available for sale via Looty at a starting price of 0.99 ETH ($1,936).

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Released on May 13, none of the Benin Bronze NFTs have yet been sold. The plan is to use 20% of proceeds funds to provide a grant to a young African artist.

Like so many NFT projects, especially those with a charitable component, the conceptual strength of the work is one that is activated by market success. But as the parts languish unsold, the promise of return and repair falls a bit flat.

Looty is not the first NFT project to attempt to return funds to Africans. HB Antwerp, a Belgian diamond company, launched a metaverse company called Signum which released a series of NFTs. Signum announced earlier in May that a portion of the proceeds from this project will be used to raise funds for mining communities in Botswana.

Described as “an innovative brand of rough diamonds,” the company sold an NFT project called cryptobunnies, each designed to look like a rough diamond, for $10,000 each. A convoluted reward system offered holders “metadiamonds” and other benefits. An unknown portion of the royalties is to be channeled to a women’s leadership group in Botswana.

“Right now, diamond mining areas are seeing a lot of their wealth flowing offshore because the diamonds aren’t being processed where they are,” said Signum co-founder Shai de- Toledo, in a press release. “Investing in education and local diamond production increases the amount of money going to mining communities. Whether physical diamonds or NFTs, Signum’s philosophy is to make production fully responsible and to ensure that everyone involved in the supply chain can be properly rewarded.

Ultimately, a small NFT project overseen by a diamond start-up may not be a one-size-fits-all response to the realities of the mining industry’s impact on some communities in Botswana. In contrast, while it may ultimately be slightly ineffective, the Looty NFT project is a project determined to provide Africans with a much-needed form of catharsis.

CFT announces the merger and acquisition of its Asian communities Mon, 23 May 2022 17:05:23 +0000

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA/ACCESSWIRE/May 23, 2022 / CFT Association Community was taken over by Cryptocurrency Foundation and Asia Gambling Entertainment Group; a foundation established and registered in Panama since 2018.

This well-established cryptocurrency foundation is currently active in supporting various cryptocurrency activities, including its investment trust products, while the Asia Gambling Entertainment Group covers the portfolio of entertainment and gaming industries. through the online platform.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Panama has built, with canal revenues, the largest regional financial center (IFC) in Central America, with consolidated assets representing more than three times the GDP of Panama. The banking sector directly employs more than 24,000 people. Financial intermediation contributed 9.3% of GDP. Stability has been one of the main strengths of Panama’s financial sector, which has benefited from the country’s favorable economic and business climate. Banking institutions are showing healthy growth and solid financial results. The banking supervision regime is largely in line with the Basel Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision. As a regional financial center, Panama exports certain banking services, mainly to Latin America, and plays an important role in the country’s economy. However, Panama still cannot compare to the position held by Hong Kong or Singapore as financial centers in Asia.

Panama still has the worldwide reputation of being a tax haven.

Panama offers great asset protection tools so the business can be safe rather than sorry. In this country you can create large structures such as the Sociedad Anónima or the Free Zone Companies, all within an excellent framework of tax optimization thanks to the territorial tax system of the country. These are undoubtedly excellent structures that can help you grow your business beyond what you could imagine.

To move forward with this takeover exercise, CFT will undergo a rebranding exercise starting with the name of the Association to CFT By CF.

Then CFT will have the exclusive rights to issue CFT Token (official name to be confirmed) for its community and ecosystem use. This CFT token will be used as the main tool in all transactions where the launch date, including its details, will be announced at the nearest time.

Subsequently, CFT will roll out the Future Trading investment product and our own staking program, ie. CFT DeFi – Staking with unique features fully supported by the Cryptocurrency Foundation.

Finally, with the presence of Asia Gambling Entertainment Group, CFT aims to launch its own gaming products, including Metaverse in the coming year; a pure online game in Metaverse including casino and other exciting entertainment lines mainly using CFT token.

With these new developments to come within the Association, CFT looks forward to and is fully assured of the optimistic future growth of CFT in the years to come.

Company name: CFT by Cryptocurrency Foundation
E-mail: [email protected]

THE SOURCE: Crypto Futures Trading (CFT)

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US Southern Baptists release scathing report on sex abuse Mon, 23 May 2022 13:13:00 +0000

ATLANTA, May 22 (Reuters) – For decades, complaints of sexual abuse by pastors and staff of America’s largest Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, have been either ignored or covered up by senior clergy, according to an internal report published on Sunday.

The nearly 300-page report details how the complaints were kept as “closely guarded secrets” within the church to avoid accountability, “to the exclusion of any other consideration”, he said.

“In service of this goal, survivors and others who reported abuse were ignored in disbelief,” the report said, with church leaders covering up the accusations and allowing accused clergy to remain pastors or to pass away. other positions of authority.

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The lawsuits against the church have been denigrated as “opportunistic” and baseless, he added.

The year-long investigation was launched by the Southern Baptist Convention in June 2021, when a flood of complaints were raised at its annual meeting. The complaints related to sexual abuse by pastors and volunteers and the lack of response from the religious body’s executive committee. Read more

“We are saddened by the findings of this investigation,” Rolland Slade, chairman of the church’s executive committee, said in a statement.

“We are committed to doing all we can to prevent future instances of sexual abuse in churches, to improve our response and care, (and) to remove barriers to reporting,” the statement read.

The Southern Baptist Church Convention claims over 13 million members in the United States and over 40 million worldwide.

The scandal echoes that facing the Roman Catholic Church, which was rocked by allegations of sexual abuse, when the Boston Globe newspaper revealed in 2002 that the Church’s hierarchy had covered up the sexual misconduct of its clergy for decades.

The US Catholic Church has paid about $3.2 billion to settle clergy abuse cases, according to, which tracks the issue.

In 2019, the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News reported that more than 700 victims had been abused by pastors, leaders, and volunteers in Southern Baptist congregations. Read more

The Southern Baptist survey was conducted by Guidepost Solutions LLC.

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Reporting by Rich McKay in Atlanta; Editing by Paul Simao and Tom Hogue

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Nearly 8,000-year-old skull discovered in Minnesota River | News, Sports, Jobs Mon, 23 May 2022 05:50:46 +0000

REDWOOD FALLS, AP — A partial skull that was discovered last summer by two kayakers in Minnesota will be returned to Native American authorities after investigations determined it was about 8,000 years old.

Kayakers found the skull in the drought-depleted Minnesota River about 110 miles west of Minneapolis, Renville County Sheriff Scott Hable said.

Thinking it might be related to a missing person case or murder, Hable turned the skull over to a medical examiner and eventually to the FBI, where a forensic anthropologist used carbon dating to determine that he was. probably acted from the skull of a young man who lived between 5,500 and 6,000 BC, Hable said.

“It was a complete shock to us that this bone was so old,” Hable told Minnesota Public Radio.

The anthropologist determined that the man had a depression in the skull which was “possibly suggestive of the cause of death.”

After the sheriff announced the find on Wednesday, his office came under fire from several Native Americans, who said posting photos of ancestral remains was offensive to their culture.

Hable said his office cut the post.

“We didn’t want it to be offensive at all,” Hable said.

Hable said the remains would be turned over to tribal leaders from the Upper Sioux community.

Minnesota Council of Indian Affairs cultural resources specialist Dylan Goetsch said in a statement that neither the council nor the state archaeologist had been notified of the find, which is required by Minnesota laws. States that govern the care and repatriation of Native American remains.

Goetsch said the Facebook post “showed a complete lack of cultural sensitivity” failing to call the individual a Native American and referring to the remains as “a little piece of history.”

Kathleen Blue, a professor of anthropology at Minnesota State University, said Wednesday that the skull was definitely from an ancestor of one of the tribes still living in the area, The New York Times reported.

She said the young man would likely have eaten plants, deer, fish, turtles and freshwater mussels in a small area, rather than following mammals and bison on their migrations.

“There probably weren’t many people at that time wandering Minnesota 8,000 years ago because, as I said, the glaciers only retreated a few thousand years ago,” said Blue. “This period, we don’t know much.”

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10 Video Game Sequels Won’t Come To PlayStation Sat, 21 May 2022 22:00:00 +0000

Sony and PlayStation have undoubtedly made a name for themselves with their massively successful video games. The tastes of Unexplored, The last of us, God of the war, Spider Manand others have become play tents.

That being said, Microsoft through the Xbox One, Series X | S and PC as well as Nintendo through the best-selling Switch console have a lot to add to the diverse pool of gaming IPs. In recent years sequels, remasters and remakes have become the biggest contributors to the industry. , and there are plenty of big-name sequels on the way to systems outside of the PS4 or 5.


ten The Elder Scrolls VI

Even though the video game landmark that was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim released nearly 11 years ago, Bethesda’s sixth mainline entry is still nowhere near launch. All fans need do is a brief, non-revealing teaser of Bethesda’s E3 2018 showcase, which was mostly meant to confirm its existence.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that this is one of the most anticipated video game sequels (somewhere) on the horizon. Skyrim was acclaimed for the way it revolutionized open-world settings and dense RPG fantasy storytelling, world-building, and player freedom. This makes fans salivate at what VII will have in store for the modern gaming scene. The Elder Scrolls VI will be released on Xbox Series X|S and PC on an undisclosed date.

9 Tale 4

Fable 4 logo from the reveal teaser.

While Bethesda has arguably planted the biggest flag in the Western fantasy RPG genre, it’s not the only role-playing IP on the way. the Fable was a beloved RPG franchise from the original generation of Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles, but it unfortunately saw its quality and relevance plummet.

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It’s about to try and get a second life, though, as Playground Games revealed before the Series X | S or PS5, the series will get a reboot. The game is also very little known – and even “Fable 4” is just a familiar title – but longtime fans are hoping it’s a long-awaited revitalization. the Fable reboot is set to launch on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

8 The Outer Worlds 2

The reveal of Outer Worlds 2

Developers Obsidian Entertainment (from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II and Fallout: New Vegas fame) have taken their turn on the dystopian sci-fi RPG formula of Fall in The Outer Worlds. The game was well received for its dark and satirical story, humorous characters, and player customization.

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During the Xbox E3 2021 showcase, the studio confirmed that The Outer Worlds 2 is in early development – in addition to their other RPG Declared. Fans who don’t already play on Xbox or PC will have to look for one if they want to play this sequel, because, although the original is available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, The Outer Worlds 2 will come exclusively to the X series | S and PC.

7 Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

Senua wearing armor and war paint, leading cavalry in Senua's Saga: Hellblade II

The Ninja Theory Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice was one of the most inventive and psychologically engrossing games ever made. The game was set in a dark fantasy world where the titular warrior Senua was on a bloody quest to save the soul of her dead lover from Hela, the Norse god of the underworld.

It featured intense and challenging combat, horror elements, and a compelling, tactful exploration of the psyche and sanity. Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II will drive the narrative forward, with motion capture and stunning graphics like its predecessor. The game is in a situation similar to the above The Outer Worldsas the original finally released on PS4 and Switch, but the sequel will be exclusive to the X|S series and PC.

6 Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Cover of Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Although the Xenolame franchise technically stems from Square Enix’s former Xenogears series, Monolith Soft has fleshed out this JRPG property into a Nintendo tentpole. The original was praised for its open-world setting and real-time action combat, as well as the anthology-style approach to its fantasy worlds and stories.

Monolith Soft has become a beloved studio for the quality and efficiency in developing these games, which thrilled fans with this year’s reveal of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Fans were even happier to learn that the original September release date has been moved to July 29, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

5 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel

Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 game image showing Link flying in the sky above Hyrule

Although it hasn’t been in limbo for as long as something like The Elder Scrolls VIthe sequel to the famous 2017 album The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is another game that many gamers say is slipping away from them.

It was revealed during Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct and instantly became one of the most anticipated games – and still is – but news about the game has been an agonizing stream. Much of the game is still a mystery to the point that fans don’t even know his real name. breath of the wildThe sequel was recently postponed to the first half of 2023.

4 Splaton 3

Splatoon 3 bow and arrow cover

Nintendo’s resident shooter franchise has been a successful way for the largely family-owned publisher to work in this competitive genre. Splatoon takes paintball and fantastically endearing character designs and mixes them together for an engaging third-person shooter experience, with the second game showing how the developers can keep the concept fresh.

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Splaton 3 aims to build on the friendly competitive side of the game – as well as a shared co-op mode – while having a strong, story-driven single-player mode. Splaton 3 will be released on Switch on September 9th.

3 Bayonet 3

History and details of Bayonetta 3

After spending years in radio silence, the developers at Platinum Games have finally revealed more about the upcoming Bayonet 3. The game was announced five years ago before receiving its first gameplay trailer last year.

Bayonet has become a cult classic series to fully embrace the explosive story and high-octane action of 2000s era PS2 games like the devil may cry. The series’ protagonist has since become an icon in her own right, and although the first game was released on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, Bayonet 3 is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch this year.

2 Metroid Prime 4

Metroid Prime 4 logo

Staying with games in development limbo, the coveted Metroid Prime 4 had a rocky road behind the scenes. The game was also announced in 2017, under Bandai Namco Studios reported development, however, it was rebooted internally in 2019 under the original Prime Retro Studios developers.

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Fans have reason to be more optimistic, however, as the recent critically acclaimed hit Metroid Dread revitalized the popularity of bounty hunter Samus Aran to new, deserved heights. Prime 4 still doesn’t have a release window – let alone a specific date – but will be released exclusively for the Switch.

1 Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Fuecoco, Sprigatito, and Quaxly in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet as starters.

After spending several of the last generations in the 3D space becoming progressively more obsolete, the recent Game Freak Pokemon Legends: Arceus finally broke the monotony with an addictively charming (semi) open-ended RPG. Part monster hunter and part breath of the wildthis new franchise formula will be taken up and expanded in the coming Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

This time the game will be a large and seamless region of the open world moving to the next stage of Legendsmonster hunter-similar areas. Pokemon Scarlet and Purple are inviting lists of hopefuls from fans, and I hope Game Freak continues to follow the new direction of the series well in late 2022.

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Luke Skywalker watches Twin Suns as he dies;  The Last Jedi poster

Star Wars: 10 Ways The Last Jedi Is Truly Awesome

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Italy returns Parthenon marble fragment to Greece, setting precedent Sat, 21 May 2022 03:47:23 +0000

Greece hopes to create a movement to recover the stolen Parthenon marbles which are in the British Museum

The so-called Fagan Fragment, a piece of the Parthenon Marbles that the Antonio Salinas Museum in Palermo, Italy, returned to Greece in January, will be kept by the Greek Acropolis Museum as a permanent installation.

Greece hopes to create a movement to recover the stolen Parthenon Marbles from the British Museum, which acquired them 200 years earlier from a Scottish diplomat, Lord Elgin.

He stripped them of the famous monument with the permission of the occupying Ottoman Empire, which did not own them, but the British Museum declared, although they were stolen, that they had been acquired legally.

The UN’s cultural arm, UNESCO, says the UK, which had refused to intervene, has now agreed to start talks to return Greece its own treasures, without mentioning how long that might take. to take.

When the Fagan Fragment – the feet of Artemis – was loaned earlier this year, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said there was “a momentum building, step by step” for the repatriation of the marbles from the Parthenon in Greece, the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph said.

The Greek Ministry of Culture and the Regional Government of Sicily, in a joint statement, said the Artemis fragment once again belongs to Greece after being kept by Robert Fagan, a former British consul for Sicily and Malta.

According to the Ministry of Culture, the regional government of Sicily has received approval from the Italian national authorities to return the fragment permanently. Formal approval is expected soon.

“The procedure followed by the Government of Sicily and the Ministry of Culture of the Italian Republic for the definitive repatriation to Athens of the fragment of Fagan shows the clear and moral path for the return of the Parthenon sculptures to Athens”, declared the minister. of the Lina Culture. Mendoni.

The fragment depicts the foot of the goddess Artemis, emerging from a beautifully crafted tunic. It was taken from the eastern frieze of the Parthenon, which depicts the Olympian gods seated as they watch the handing over of the veil to Athena.

The fragment belongs to the eastern frieze of the Parthenon which shows the seated gods of Olympus watching the annual Panathenaic procession in honor of the patroness of the city, Athena.

The procession included the transfer of a woven veil to the statue of Athena on the Parthenon. In the “Fagan fragment” are represented the lower legs of Artemis, goddess of forests and hunting, whose body is shown from the side.

But the return has a price. The Acropolis Museum will send to Sicily, for four years, an acephalous statue of Athena from the end of the 5th century BC. AD and an amphora from the first half of the 8th century BC.