Buying a car on credit and still benefit from the cash discount!

  Important: Do not use the credit offered by the dealership / car seller!

 Important: Do not use the credit offered by the dealership / car seller!

This is the only way to profit from the lucrative cash discount and save a lot of money!

Car Loan Guide: Decline dealer credit, even if it is still so cheap and is often offered at 0% interest! A 0% financing may seem attractive at first glance! Is not it, because it loses the cash discount. So thankfully decline the car loan offered by the dealer, and benefit fully from the lucrative cash discount!

Many do not know that they can also benefit from the attractive cash payment discount when buying a car on credit ! Yes, that is possible! And here you can find out how it works!

Car Loan Mystery: Of course, the car salesman does not tell you that!

Car Loan Mystery: Of course, the car salesman does not tell you that!

Who buys his car on credit, waived with advantage on the loan offered by the car dealer (this is also called dealer credit) and instead choose an independent lender . This is the only way to profit from the cash discount! You should also refrain from the dealer credit, if this is done at zero interest!

As an independent lender, we recommend you to use Von Loan. The Swisedeed financial institution Von-Kredit offers you fast and uncomplicated car loans, even if Credit bureau problems exist.

Our experience: Already with a small car with list price USD 20’000 you save 1’500 USD! With a middle class car of USD 20’000 you already save 3’000 USD!

More on this under Car Loan Guide: As you still benefit 100% from the cash discount for car purchases on credit: click here!  Car Loan Guide: How To Benefit With Von Loan From Cash Benefit Discount!

Guaranteed no initial costs:

Guaranteed no initial costs:

Unlike most credit brokers, Von Loan takes your car loan application for free. Credit without Credit bureau is also possible with car loans. You will receive an individually tailored loan offer at lightning speed. There are no costs for this and you are not obliged to anything – guaranteed.

All about Credit Cancellation – Credit bureau Problems – Credit bureau Loans – Loans Without Credit bureau Information Find Loan Seekers in Our Practice Guide Credit Without Credit bureau Comparison.

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